Hi there and thank you for visiting my blog!

With my wonderful, beautiful, perfect partner, Felicia (🌈👭🏳️‍🌈) I currently live in Brighton UK, where we’re eating chips and are experiencing seagulls (they’re a lot more fun than you may think).

I like small quirky spaces and to find odd places. Whenever I do my camera flings up like James Bond’s gun. Here you’ll find a solid combo of <i>books</i>, <i>looks</i>, and <i>lifestyle</i>.

Felicia is gifted with a culinary talent that is insane. Therefore, don’t be too alarmed if you also find some drool coming onto your desktop from one of my posts. It happens.

Because I mainly live in made-up worlds, I’m mostly found somewhere up in the clouds. If you wish to bring me down, try some of the following:

  • wine
  • music
  • sour candy
  • puppies

You’re more than welcome to contact me on info@linneaurea.com if you have any questions, reflections or simply have something to say.

Also, all pictures posted on the blog are mine unless stated otherwise.

And always – and never forget – to swim through life whilst being cool.