• Storytime

    Merry First Sunday of Advent

    Christmas in the UK isn’t like Christmas in Sweden. It might be obvious, considering that the UK isn’t Sweden, but it does become extra clear around this time, on Sunday, the first advent. Advent isn’t such a big deal here. The first of four candles don’t get lit and nobody is celebrating that Christmas has begun with mulled wine and gingerbread cookies sprinkled with blue cheese.

    We’re trying to create Christmas feeling around us anyhow, the way we’re used to having it. Minus the julmust, gingerbread cookies, and mulled wine (even though I’ve stumbled across a version of it that tastes more like warm wine with orange and sugar, than actual mulled wine).

    Untitled When we up in the mornings, Felicia crawls out of bed to light all of the 3 billion tea lights we share our flat with. Then we watch the Christmas calendar (a yearly tv series surrounding Christmas with a new episode each day of December until the 24th) still in bed on Felicia’s iPad.

    The cover is still warm after the night and we curl up into two fussy balls, as if we’re never gonna get up. The everyday life gets put on hold for the short fifteen minutes the episode is on.

    Once it’s over the tea lights still flicker in our tiny little studio. They’re always a kind reminder that starting the day doesn’t have to be hard, cold, and ugly.


    Afterwards we had a very unchristmasy avocado toast with poached eggs for lunch with another couple we’ve met over here.

    If there’s anything the UK does right it’s the decorations. They’re both better and bigger than what we usually get in Sweden. The Christmas decorations literally take over the city. They’re everywhere: in every barber’s corner, in every small shop, and in every restaurant. One worse than the other.

    Just look at the incredible Christmas tree that gave us a warm welcome at Hixon Green where we ate today.

    Merry, merry Christmas.

  • life

    Interpreter Of Fridgeonian Are Welcomed

    Good afternoon, Internet.

    I hope you’re all doing well. Me? I’m melting. But that’s all right, it’s the essence of summer, isn’t it? Melting. Drinking. Melting some more. I’ve already lost a few limbs, as it seems. First I lost my face, then, surprisingly enough, my calves.

    Because of summer, Felicia and I are creating a summer playlist. We call it Nice with Nice (clever 💡) since we’re going to Nice later this month. I’m strictly adding french songs and songs that have a core of summer vibes.


    Speaking of summer, our fridge can’t handle it. The sides of it are freakishly hot, like my old phone that literally burned my hand. It’s also growling, murmuring and making all of these weird noises that we a) don’t exactly know where they’re coming from, and b) don’t know what they mean. I don’t speak fridgeonian, unfortunately. If you do, feel free to leave a comment of what the following means: “GRwwwddoliii *pling* wwwsssrrrzzzgggrrlooowr”

    It all ended up with us moving it from under the bench and out into our living space. It seemed like the only way to prevent it from burning up (!?!?). So now we’re constantly accompanied by a tiny fridge grumbling beside us. It does take up quite a lot of space. But, on a positive note, it seems to feel better. And, on an even more positive note, that means my insulin is safe (for now). Phew!


    Our Cheese Plant, Wesley, on the other hand, is LOVING the heat. He’s grown like three times the size from when we got him??? How even. I’m equal parts impressed as terryfied. Apparently, I’ve just learned, they can grow into a significant size in a very short period of time. And once grown up, they can be frikkin’ huge. Presumably, a few meters high AND a few meters in diameter.

    I have absolutely no idea how we’re going to manage to bring him home to Sweden when this year in Brighton has ended. Perhaps smuggling. I’m considering most options at this point.

    Anyway, Internet, I hope you’ll have a wonderful cup of coffee today. Or tea. Whatever floats your boat.

    Swim cool

  • Writer's Corner

    Manuscript DONE

    Good afternoon, Internet.

    ‘Tis I. Again.

    The ticker says 300 current readers and my document files says “hey, you’re manuscript’s done! Well done you.”

    I’m equal parts excited as terrified. I sent it to my dad the other day because he’s the kind of person who reads and reads and reads and reads, so it felt natural. At this point, I’m joggling which publisher I should send it to and how to choose the right one. Apparently, sending your finished book manuscript to the wrong publisher is not without a death sentence.

    I have a lot of issues, and deciding what type of (aspiring) book I’ve actually written is one of them. There are SO many categories! What’s up with that!?? I’m in the process of even understanding if it’s written for adults or young adults, and let me tell you, the Swedish publishers do not make it clearer on their websites. You know, writing with a specific target audience in mind doesn’t seem like such a bad idea in hindsight. I put a jellO-type-of-thing in the fridge to eat later with watermelon taste – yum! – to make things seem less stressful.


    Anyway, I’m so excited that I’ve got more time for blogging now! It feels wonderful. I’ve missed talking to you guys. It’s gotten so freakishly warm in Brighton now and because our windows are facing south, yes, the heat is practically trapped inside our flat. 20 square meters of TOTAL volcano-mode. Our bathroom is slightly less warm. I had to put the wine in there to save it. Yep, with the cleaning products and the toilet paper.

    “Save the wine!” I believe I screamed.


    When it’s this hot, there’s really no better place to be than by the sea. The following two words will sum up why:
    Dogs swimming

    Also, there’s something special about dogs being happy, running towards the water in all hast, barking excitedly and all. They seem so very untouched by… Well, everything. And they’re cute. So very, very cute.

    I’ve been reading a lot these last days and I’m planning on keeping it up. At least for a while, before I’m lost in work and writing again. What are you up to?

    Swim cool.

  • Amusement

    Potluck Meetup

    Hello, Internet!

    Today, I tried something different. I went to a meetup group meeting (meet meet meet). We sat by the sea, on the beach, and spoke about everything from running to how octopuses will most certainly take over the world. The latter being a big part of our four-hour meeting. The pebbles attacked my buttocks after a while, but it was all right.

    I didn’t take any pictures of the actual meetup because I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. But you understand 🙂




    It was a potluck arrangement so everyone brought something for the group to devour. People really went for it by cooking huge amounts of pasta and potato salad(s) – I’m so impressed. It was lovely.




    Felicia and I chose the concept of keeping-as-many-as-possible-included, so we went for vegan and gluten-free. Oreos and grapes.




    It was fun! But also exhausting. I’ll be sleeping like a baby tonigh– no, sorry, right after this post’s published.

    I’m telling you, my eyes are beginning to close right now.


    Hope you’ve had a brilliant Sunday!

    Swim cool.

  • Lifestyle

    Writing In A Park, Building Furniture, And Stubborn Parents

    Good afternoon, Internet!

    What are you up to?

    Hope you’re well.

    I’ve just wrapped up the last of today’s workload and I’m going to throw myself onto my writing project right after this post has been published.

    Speaking of which, lately I’ve found parks to be the best place to write on my project.








    Especially if Felicia joins me with a book. <3 Oh, and a G&T if it’s a Friday, as it was when this picture was taken.






    Interestingly enough, I’ve found building furniture the best way to break through a writing block.

    I, for one, love building furniture. It’s THE most satisfying thing when every part comes together and TADA! Furniture.

    Bits and pieces + screws = furniture. The law of life, I’d say. So rewarding.

    Another rewarding thing is the fact that my parents are planning a visit over here sometime in summer so we had to help them out a bit.



    This beautifully drawn map (if I may say so myself) is therefore a pedagogical drawing I made my parents of good areas to stay in a hotel.

    Then again, my parents are super stubborn:

    Me: “Mum, if you tell me your budget I can help more easily.”

    Mum: “Not necessary, just give me a few examples of good hotels.”

    Me: “Yeah, well, it’s hard to recommend nice hotels without knowing what you’re willing to pay…”

    Mum: “Just give me a few examples!”

    Me: *sigh* “Okay, where in Brighton do you want to stay?”

    Dad: “Not far from where you two live.”

    Me: “Okay, but would you like to stay in a hotel close to the sea? Near the city center? Or…?”

    Dad: “Not far from you will be just fine.”

    Me: “Yes, I got that. But WHERE!?”

    Dad: “I told you, not far from you.”

    After that, I gave up and draw the map. Hands up if you’re impressed! 🙌

    Swim cool peeps.